Locker Room Consulting

We are motivated by a common mission: helping athletes make healthy and rewarding transitions to life after professional sports.

We focus on providing guidance and opportunities that will help our partners make the leap from the world of sports to the world of business. From professional mentorship and consultation to personal guidance and education, our team has the experience, knowledge, and relationships necessary for former athletes to succeed.


  • 01Financial Advising
  • 02Professional Mentorship
  • 03Personal Guidance
  • 04Investment Opportunities
  • 05Estate Planning
  • 06Education
  • 07Access to Capital
  • 08Business Development

A Holistic Approach to Success.

Leading a fulfilling life after the final whistle is about more than just the next phase of your professional career. At LRC we place a great deal of value on the importance of balance: a loving family, close personal relationships, and a strong sense of community.